1. How to redeem your FREE Downloads

Registering your Singing Machine

Register your new Singing Machine on-line clicking here After you have completely filled out the form and submitted your information you will receive an e-mail for your free download code. If you do not immediately receive your code, please check your Spam Folder. There will be a link in your e-mail that will direct you to our Karaoke Download Store. If you do not wish to visit the store at the time you receive your e-mail you can always find our store at http://store.singingmachine.com. You will be able to use your free download code at the time of purchase after following the next steps.

2. Downloading your Free/Purchased Songs

  • How to search for a song
  • Viewing your search results
  • Looking at song Information
  • Add song to your on-line shopping cart
  • Viewing your on-line shopping cart
  • Logging in or creating a new account
  • Entering your payment information
  • Confirming your order
  • Viewing your invoice

3. Audio, Video, Vocals, Formats, What's the Difference?

4. Downloading Songs from your Digital Locker

5. SMC Karaoke Manager - Downloading and Installing Software

  • Launching SMC Karaoke Manager

6. SMC Karaoke Manager - Creating CD+Gs

  • Adding music to your playlist
  • Playing songs in your playlist
  • Searching for a song you have downloaded
  • Creating a CD+G from the songs you have downloaded
  • Problems with burning your CD+G

7. SMC Karaoke Manager - Transferring songs to iPod/iPhone

  • Convert your downloaded music to play on iPod

8. How to create a USB library for the Singing Machine 4TV on your MAC

9. How to create a USB library for the Singing Machine 4TV on your PC

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